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When you purchase an atlatl from Custom Atlatls and Darts your sure to receive the best atlatls and river cane darts for sale on the market today. Whether you throw for fun or you plan to hunt Custom Atlatls and Darts can provide you with just what you need. Custom Atlatls and Darts will provide you with quality atlatls as well as quality river cane darts, on-time deliveries and excellent prices. Every atlatl, every dart is hand crafted some in traditional hunting styles, others with a more modern touch. Using an ancient weapon such as the spear thrower for hunting or recreation has been a thrill for me and my family and will be for you.

Primitive atlatl hunting darts are tipped with stone, bone, copper or steal for big game or blunts for small game available by special order. These are all hand made darts. River cane darts made by Custom Atlatls and Darts have proven themselves time and again. The World Atlatl Association's International Standard Accuracy Contest (ISAC) Multiple World Champion Melissa Dildine has used these darts with great success. Many others, myself included have placed in the top 10.

Atlatls and darts are not toys. I highly recommend you go here and read up on atlatl safety.
A katydid blending in very well with my river cane darts
World Atlatl Association - International Standard Accuracy Contest ( ISAC )targets.

Return Policy; You may return any product purchased from Custom Atlatls and Darts within two weeks (14 days) of receipt, provided that the product is defective. The product must be returned unused and packaged in the original tube it was delivered in. We will decide whether to repair, replace, or refund the product. The customer is responsible for all shipping and handling costs.


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