When you purchase from Custom Atlatls and Darts, you're sure to receive the best atlatl and river cane darts for sale on the market today. Whether you throw for fun or you plan to hunt Custom Atlatls and Darts can provide you with just what you need. Quality atlatls as well as quality river cane darts, on-time deliveries and excellent prices. Every atlatl, every dart is hand crafted some in traditional hunting styles, others with a more modern touch. Using an ancient weapon such as the spear thrower for hunting or recreation has been a thrill for me and my family and will be for you. Primitive atlatl hunting darts are tipped with stone, bone, copper or steal for big game or blunts for small game available by special order. You have a choice for the wood your atlatl can be made from. Ash, Maple, Hickory, Locust and Oak is always available. Sometimes I have Osage Orange on hand. You can pick the length of both the atlatl and the atlatl darts. Feather color and tip type is your choice.
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Hunting With the Atlatl and Dart System You may have heard that the Pennsylvania Game Commission (PGC) had considered allowing the Atlatl and Dart to be used for hunting wild game in PA. You may have wondered WHY the PGC would even consider this. Preserving Pennsylvania's hunting and trapping heritage is a primary focus of the Game Commission The atlatl and dart system is definitely part of PA's hunting heritage. Archeological evidence shows us that people have been living in PA for many thousands of years. Archeologically also gives us an idea on how they lived. This evidence shows us that the atlatl and dart was used throughout PA for a very long time. Another goal of the commission is to: Protect and enhance our hunting and trapping heritage. Any history with as much history as the atlatl and dart has, should be a no brainier. The PGC understands that to attract more hunters they need to enhance the opportunities for hunting deer and other game species. Adding the atlatl and dart system into the list of legal hunting implements is the right thing to do. Expand and improve special hunting and trapping programs for target audiences. We don't think there will ever be a great number of atlatl hunters wondering the woods of PA. The atlatl and dart isn't an easy tool to master. A knowledge of how the system works (aiming, throwing and follow-threw) is as important as knowing the habits of the game you stalk. This is as it should be. We believe those who would use the atlatl and dart would have to be skilled in every aspect of the sport if they are to be successful. Recruitment of new people into the ranks of hunters and trappers is necessary to sustain and provide good management of the resource. I have heard many folks men, woman and children ask if the atlatl and dart was legal to hunt with. Many have said they would like to hunt with the system. Legalize the atlatl and dart system and these folks may someday hunt with the implement. Our goal is to hunt with the atlatl and dart system. We would like for the PGC to include the atlatl into the legal list of hunting implements. We're not asking for a season of our own just another opportunity to hunt with an atlatl and dart.

















World Atlatl Association's International Standard Accuracy Contest (ISAC)targets.


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